Statement on Swing Viewer's accessibility

In the development of the web application, the Swing Viewer development team aims at an optimum accessibility for all users. The guidelines (in dutch) used while developing can be found here: An equivalent in the English language can be found here: Nonetheless, in case anything is missing out or doesn't function properly with regard to Swing Viewer's accessibility, please contact our help desk via email at so we can improve our software even further.

Browser support

We'd like to advise you to use one of the browsers below:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (versie 11 and up)
  • Microsoft Edge (versie 12 and up)
  • Mozilla Firefox (versie 3.5 and up)
  • Google Chrome (versie 30 and up)

Keyboard support

The Swing Viewer web application supports the same keyboard mechanisms as your browser normally would with the following additions:

  • ctrl-alt+e: open edit menu.
  • ctrl-alt+s put focus on skiplinks, with these links the focus can be set on one of the parts of the web application.
  • ctrl+up en ctrl+down navigate between the parts of the web application.
  • ctrl-alt-t puts the focus on the link from which the current presentation can be opened as a table in a new browser window.
  • ctrl-alt-c opens a contextual menu (if available) for the focussed element.